Name New ACE Institute CO., Ltd
Location 2530 Karima Tsukuba City Ibaraki Pref.305-0822 JAPAN
c.o. Japan Automobile Research Institute
Founded 1992.9.9
History New ACE was founded to develop a new diesel combustion concept, and to build upon the combustion research results achieved by our predecessor, the Advanced Combustion Engineering Institute founded in 1987.
Capital 120 million yen
Budget Research expenses amount to about 200 million yen per year
(without special research projects)
Investors Isuzu Motors Ltd.  Toyota Motors Corp.  Bosch Corp.
UD Trucks Corp.  Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.   Denso Corp.
Hino Motors Ltd.   Mazda Motors Corp.
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corp.   Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
Komatsu Industries Corp. and YanmarCo., Ltd. joind reserch funding from FY2018

President Mr. Toshitaka Minami
Directors Mr. Noboru Uchida, Mr. Shin Endo,
Mr. Genichiro Ishii, Mr. Nobuhiro Kobayashi, Mr. Atsushi Ueda,
Mr. Katsuhisa Shimokawa, Mr. Shigeru Nomoto
Auditors Mr. Tadashi Toda

10 staffs consist of the engineers from Isuzu,UD Trucks,Hino,
DENSO,and others.

 Diesel combustion to reduce the exhaust emissions and increase the thermal
 efficiency for future automotive diesel engines, by using diesel engines.
 The methods is as follows:
(1) Up to 300Mpa fuel injection system of common rail type
(2) Higher pressure super-charged system for high BMEP engine
(3) Compressed-ignition combustion of pre-mixed lean mixture
(4) Observation of diesel combustion and fuel injection, and simulation of diesel combustion

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